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Joan Gillman, EVP & COO at Time Warner Cable Media believes the opportunity facing the television industry clearly outweighs any threats presented by new media consumption patterns, not least because television still provides the best storytelling but with increasingly sophisticated measurement and targeting.

There are a couple of myths she wants to put to rest, too. First, despite the efforts of the CE industry and new entrant media companies online, it is the TV industry that has done most to enable the ‘view what you want, when you want, where you want’ experiences we enjoy today. “The cable industry has trained consumers [to expect more] by bringing DVR, VOD, broadband and then TV Everywhere into the marketplace,” she argues. “We were the first to bring the most popular television into the app world and consumers are taking advantage by consuming video on multiple platforms, in multiple rooms and on different sized screens. This ecosystem that we are living in is what we created as an industry.”

Gillman is challenging the perception that the television industry has been some kind of passive victim of competitive forces and consumer behaviour trends beyond its control. She wants to bust another myth, that consumers are migrating away from premium quality television shows. “Consumers are spending more time watching TV shows,” she declares. “They still spend perhaps 95% of their time with premium content.” All that has changed is how and where we watch these shows, and she points out that binge-viewing on Netflix or authenticated ad-supported television apps is replacing DVD viewing and not just scheduled linear TV.


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